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Free Non-Slip Mat Included

Each cutting board ships with a free non-slip mat that provides extra stability and safety.

Natural Ebony Beauty

Ebony’s rich color variegation adorns one side, with deep, darker organic hues on the other.

It's all in the details

Both boards have a carved edge grip for easy handling. Large boards feature a juice groove to prevent messes during food prep.

Durable Construction

Knife-friendly surface that’s naturally sanitary and withstands heavy-duty chopping, cutting and cleaning.

Carved Edge

Enables easy handling during food prep, serving and cleaning.

Attractive Serving Board Design

Makes a stunning countertop display item and a unique gift to complement kitchen décor, serveware, dinnerware and other pantry items.

Forestry & Replanting

Supports the replanting of ebony trees in the Congo Basin rainforest

Living Wages

Helps sustain steady jobs, living wages and improved quality of life in Cameroon. 

Made in North America

Ebony wood responsibly sourced from Cameroon. Cutting boards made in North America.