Café Series Tongs


These compact, lightweight tongs are the perfect addition to any kitchen, covering a range of culinary and serving functions. From arranging charcuterie and cheese platters to handling fruit, pastry, bread, vegetables and virtually any other bite-sized or finger food, the Café Tongs make it easy to create beautiful culinary presentations. Their small size and sleek design offer easy handling and storage, with minimal wear and tear thanks to the innovative joint design. Sold individually (one) or in a set of two (two).

Product Dimensions: 7” long

Item Weight: 1.2 ounces each

Simple Joint Design

Each pair of Café Tongs includes a silicone band to join the tongs together. Assembly is easy, and every pair comes with an extra band.

Durable Materials, Beautiful Design

Ebony’s visual beauty goes hand-in-hand with its functionality, offering an attractive kitchen tool that’s built to handle a lifetime of culinary tasks.

Forestry & Replanting

Each Café Tongs purchase supports efforts to replant ebony trees and protect existing rainforests in the Congo Basin.

Made in North America

Our ebony is responsibly sourced from Cameroon, and the Café Tongs are crafted in North America.

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