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From cutting boards to café paddles and more, each woodcraft product showcases ebony’s beautiful visual character and makes a one-of-a-kind addition to any kitchen.

Ebony Kitchenware Products

Browse our latest selection of kitchenware and accessories.

Cutting Boards and Pro Slabs

Choose Your Preferred Board Size

Select from our Large, Small and Pro Slab Boards

Reversible Large Cutting Board

The spacious surface is perfect for most cutting and serving

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Reversible Small Cutting Board

Compact dimensions accommodate smaller kitchens and counter

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The Reversible Pro Slab

Our largest board provides a roomy surface and makes a stunning statement for entertaining.

Browse our current selection of Pro Slabs and choose the unique
wood grain pattern you love.

Café Paddle and Tongs

Café Paddle

Our beautiful, portable serving paddle makes a versatile kitchen staple.

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Café Tongs (Set of Two)

Sleek and lightweight, these handy ebony serving tongs blend form and function.

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Café Paddle and Tongs Holiday Bundle

This ebony kitchenware set makes a unique and thoughtful gift for the home cook in your life.

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