Stella Falone Cutting Boards Featured in Top 15 Gifts for Vegetarians

With the holiday season around the corner, reviewers and bloggers are compiling their gift recommendations for virtually every type of person, from the aspiring musician to the home chef. We’re thrilled to share that The Spruce Eats, the popular food and cuisine blog run by certified holistic nutritionist Lindsay Boyers, has featured the Stella Falone ebony cutting board on their list of the Top 15 Gifts for Vegetarians for 2020.

Placing our ebony cutting boards among other gifts for the environmentally minded recipient, Spruce Eats points out the commitment to sustainability embedded in each and every Stella Falone board:

“Your purchase of a Stella Falone cutting board also helps provide steady jobs with living wages in Cameroon and contributes to ethical harvesting and replanting practices. That’s what we call a win-win” 

Lindsay also comments on the Stella Falone ebony cutting board’s unique benefits as a kitchen centerpiece and gourmet tool, highlighting its naturally dense, durable surface, antimicrobial properties and spacious cutting area. The article also points out the unmatched visual character of our ebony cutting boards, noting that each board bears a distinct, one-of-a-kind grain pattern, showcasing the organic beauty of these responsibly sourced materials and highlighting how a Stella Falone cutting board is a truly individual work of functional craftsmanship.

“Each completely-unique and reversible cutting board has a large surface area that can stand up to heavy-duty chopping and cleaning, while also naturally repelling bacteria. One side of the board has a grooved edge that’s perfect for catching juices from chopping fresh fruits and a carved edge grip that makes for easy handling when you’re working in the kitchen.”

Read the rest of the gift ideas at The Spruce Eats. Don’t wait to order your Stella Falone cutting board—the holidays are approaching fast!