Stella Falone Blog: Ebony and Taylor Guitars Featured in National Geographic

Since Stella Falone’s cutting boards are crafted from genuine, ethically sourced West African ebony, our future is intrinsically tied to the stewardship of ebony trees in the forests of Africa’s Congo Basin region. Our partners at Taylor Guitars have been hard at work on the Ebony Project, a major initiative aimed at replanting ebony coupled with agroforestry practices that provide other benefits to local communities, such as high-value fruit trees. Recently, National Geographic caught wind of this program and decided it was a story they needed to share with the world. 

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What is the Ebony Project?

The brainchild of Taylor Guitars co-founder Bob Taylor, the Ebony Project is a multilevel initiative to redefine how ebony is sourced and processed for musical instruments. It starts at the Crelicam ebony mill in Cameroon, where, thanks to the expertise of Taylor Guitars, we’ve overhauled operations with safe equipment and more responsible sourcing practices. Taylor is also working with scientists and local communities to learn more about ebony ecology, develop effective ways to replant ebony trees, cultivate essential biodiversity with fruit and medicine trees, and safeguard these precious ecosystems to ensure their long-term survival.

You can read more about the Ebony Project here.