Sierra Club Recommends Stella Falone Cutting Boards

Rounding up their favorite products ahead of Valentine’s Day, the Sierra Club has recommended Stella Falone’s ebony cutting boards as a perfect gift for the environmentally inclined cook or chef in your life. Here’s what they wrote:

"Does your flame love music? Cooking? Both? Good news—the founder of Taylor Guitars has landed on a great use for those pieces of cut ebony that don’t end up fitting the precise specifications necessary to craft a guitar or violin: exotic cutting boards. Bob Taylor recently launched a line of premium kitchen woodcrafts made from legally and ethically sourced West African ebony. The sales of Stella Falone boards ($129 to $199) not only help sustain living wages in Cameroon but also help preserve the rainforest by supporting a community-based ebony replanting program."

It’s always exciting to get a shout-out, but this one is especially flattering because of the Sierra Club’s mission of environmental conservation. As they note, Stella Falone cutting boards are made from West African ebony that can’t be used in musical instruments, and the proceeds from sales support our replanting programs in the Congo Basin. Each board we sell helps us plant more ebony trees, provide our mill employees in Cameroon with steady jobs and living wages, and research new ways to more responsibly manage natural resources like ebony.

A big thank-you to the editors at the Sierra Club for featuring Stella Falone! Check back soon for more updates and news about our ebony cutting boards and other developments.