Cutting Board Craftsmanship: What Sets Stella Falone Apart

There are a lot of different types of cutting boards out there. What makes a Stella Falone cutting board unique? For starters, we are the only company that crafts boards using genuine West African ebony. Let’s take a closer look at the premium construction features that set our boards apart.

Ebony Durability

West African ebony is one of the hardest, densest woods availabledense enough to sink in water! This makes it an exceptionally durable material, which is why it has been used for centuries to make fingerboards for stringed musical instruments and for black piano keys.

Solid ebony is used for each side of the reversible board, providing two resilient cutting surfaces that will stand up to heavy-duty chopping, cutting, slicing and mincing, without leaving deep scoring grooves that can harbor bacteria. For the middle section of the board, we use solid mahogany or sapele. Both are also durable woods.

Three-Layer Cross-Grain Construction

The grain structure of wood (the orientation of the wood-cell fibers) plays a role in a board’s stiffness and strength. Beyond being hard and dense, ebony tends to be a straight-grained wood, as does the mahogany or sapele we use for the middle section of our cutting boards. Each piece is cut to optimize its overall strength.

Our cross-grain construction means that the wood grain orientation of each layer of wood is oriented at a 90-degree angle in relation to the wood it meets. This not only reinforces the overall strength of the cutting board, but also creates extra stability that will protect against warping or cracking with proper conditioning and care. 

Top-Tier Craftsmanship

If you know the Stella Falone story, then you know that we’re an offshoot of Taylor Guitars, the bestselling acoustic guitar brand in the world. Taylor’s decades of expertise with high-end woodworking have helped us develop a cutting board of unmatched quality on Taylor’s campus, thanks to a blend of sophisticated manufacturing processes and the skills of Taylor’s craftspeople. That means each Stella Falone cutting board delivers Taylor’s exceptional standards in beauty and performance.