Critics share Stella Fallone cutting board reviews

More and more people are learning about Stella Falone’s ebony cutting boards and our mission to do our part to protect the rainforests in Cameroon that provide the ebony not just for our cutting boards but for the guitars made by our sister company, Taylor Guitars. That’s in no small part because of the rave reviews we’ve seen popping up across the internet for our kitchenware products, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the accolades. Every purchase, every positive review, every happy home cook inspires us to forge ahead and keep building new things with this gorgeous natural resource. The Best Father’s Day Gifts Just Right for the Foodie Dad

We’re honored that selected our ebony cutting boards to be included in their gift guide for food-obsessed dads ahead of Father’s Day this year. Writer Peggy Kieran notes that a Stella Falone cutting board is a great gift for a dad who loves to cook at home, also pointing out our connection to the music world.

“If Dad likes to cook and loves music, one of these ebony cutting boards makes the ideal gift. The boards are made using wood leftover from Taylor Guitars—in fact, Stella Falone is a new sibling brand to the famed guitar makers. The boards are durable and beautiful and made from sustainably harvested wood.”

Thanks, Peggy! It’s true—ebony’s density and strength makes it incredibly strong and resilient to scoring marks from knives, making it a great choice for cutting boards in a well-used kitchen. 

Grab an ebony cutting board for your dad before Father’s Day (that’s Sunday, June 20—don’t forget!).

CNet - Valentine's Day gifts for people who love to cook

Back in February, the super-critics at CNet placed our large ebony cutting board on their list of Valentine’s Day gift picks for people who love to cook. They also commented on the durable nature of the boards as well as the gorgeous grain of the ebony. CNet also pointed out how buying a Stella Falone cutting board helps support ebony replanting projects geared toward protecting critical rainforests.

“The gorgeous, dark boards are handmade from the same Cameroonian ebony wood used to make Taylor guitars. In the spirit of leaving the Earth better than they found it, founder Bob Taylor and his team have planted over 15,000 ebony trees in West Africa since 2016 -- many more than they've used to make guitars and cutting boards.”

Forbes - Upgrade Your Home Kitchen with these 5 Beautiful and Innovative Tools

Of course, you don’t need a holiday to have a reason to add a stunning centerpiece to your kitchen. Forbes suggested a large ebony cutting board from Stella Falone as a way to transform your home kitchen into a more luxurious, productive space, noting that our boards are just as good at starting conversations as they are handling food prep. 

Since cutting boards are a must in every kitchen, why not get one that’s visually striking – and a conversation starter, too? That’s the thinking behind Stella Falone. Founded by Bob Taylor (of Taylor Guitars fame), the sustainable brand expressly sources Ebony wood typically discarded after instruments are made.”

A big thank you to all the writers and publications helping spread the word about Stella Falone. Check the blog soon for more news and announcements!