Choosing Your Ebony Cutting Board

First things first: small or large?

You’ll find that Stella Falone reversible cutting boards are offered in two sizes to best accommodate your particular cooking or serving needs. Once you’ve selected a size, you’ll have another choice to make: which specific board catches your eye?

Like the ebony trees in their native African forests, each cutting board crafted by Stella Falone is visually unique. That’s why our boards are serialized on our website, and it’s why, when you browse our selection, you get to select the exact board that appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities. Make sure you click the images to enlarge and get a close-up view of each board. Each cutting surface features a different visual character, so check both sides.

Take the time to explore our web store and browse through the individual boards that we’ve crafted—we think you’ll find one that speaks to you. Each board has a story, and each time you use it to prepare a meal or serve an appetizer to friends, you’ll know that yours is truly one-of-a-kind.