7 Reasons Why Stella Falone Kitchenware Products Are Superior

Stella Falone kitchenware products stand out for their unique beauty, premium craftsmanship and socially responsible use of West African ebony wood. 

1. Durability

As one of the hardest, densest woods, West African ebony is extremely durable. Together with expert craftsmanship, our products are built to the highest performance standards. 

2. Keep Knives Sharper

Pro chefs swear by wood cutting boards because they’re friendly on knife blades, more impact-resistant and sanitary than plastic, and cheaper than marble or granite.

3. A Standout Presentation

Not only will you be the envy of your dinner party with the stunning beauty of a Stella Falone cutting board, but it makes a great conversation piece.

4. Responsibly Sourced Ebony 

Our boards support an environmentally and socially responsible ebony trade in Cameroon. Our ebony is ethically sourced and sustains jobs at the Crelicam ebony mill in Cameroon.

5. Anti-bacterial 

Wood has consistently shown the ability to halt the growth of—and even kill—harmful bacteria that it comes in contact with. 

6. Juice Groove

BBQ enthusiasts rejoice! Large and Pro Slab cutting boards feature a full juice groove on one side to keep the flavor from running away from your masterpieces.

7. Contoured Core

Stella Falone’s cutting board core is concave to be able to move finely chopped items into your hand with ease. This also provides a convenient grip edge for easy handling. 

"Stella Falone boards are thoughtfully crafted with gorgeous, resilient and sustainably-sourced materials. I'm convinced they even make my food taste better."

— Ronny Joseph Lvovski, cookbook author and creator of Primal Gourmet

These chefs can't be wrong:

  • Michael Voltaggio
  • Ronny Lvovski
  • Amanda Haas
  • Jeff Mauro
  • Samantha Bauchmann
  • Rasheed Phillips
  • Chad Prose
  • Nicole Stover