Café Bundles: Paddle + Tongs

Our Café Paddle is now available in ebony, Hawaiian koa and cocobolo. These gift sets include a compact paddle for food prep and serving along with a pair of ebony tongs.


More Than a Cutting Board

Stella Falone’s collection of quality kitchenware was inspired by our passion for craftsmanship and a desire to build a socially responsible business around ethically sourced wood. Our kitchenware products combine stunning aesthetic beauty, durable construction and versatile functionality.

Our hardwoods are sourced from different regions of the world before they reach our sister company at Taylor Guitars, an industry-leading manufacturer of premium acoustic guitars. After the wood is cut for guitar components, some of the surplus becomes Stella Falone kitchenware, reducing waste and making the most of a valued forest resource.

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Ebony Café Tongs

Perfectly sized for handling and serving charcuterie, cheeses, vegetables, fruits and other finger foods, the Café Tongs are a smart, functional upgrade for any home kitchen.

Product Dimensions: 7” long

Item Weight: 1.2 ounces

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The Reversible Pro Slab

Our largest cutting board gives you room to prep like a pro and create serious culinary art.

Browse and select your board today. Limited quantities available.

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Reversible Large Cutting Board

Our large cutting board provides a spacious surface for all food prep needs, and features a juice groove on one side to keep things tidy.

Product Dimensions: 18 x 11.4 x 1.6"

Item Weight: 9.25lbs

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Reversible Small Cutting Board

Our small cutting board features squared dimensions to suit more compact kitchens.

Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.4 x 1.6"

Item Weight: 5.72lbs

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Our Cutting Boards:

Carved Grip Edge - Enables easy handling during food prep, serving and cleaning.

Exotic Hardwood Beauty - Each board makes a uniquely stunning countertop display/serving board to complement kitchen décor.

Carved Juice Groove - A groove carved into the primary cutting surface on large boards catches juices and prevents messes.

Reversible Design - Dual-sided utility to accommodate your cutting and serving needs. 

Durable Construction - Resilient, knife-friendly ebony cutting surface with cross-grain reinforcement for stability.

No-Slip Mat - Included as a free gift, this rubber mat keeps your cutting board stationary for safety and cleanliness.

Premium Craftsmanship

As a sister company to Taylor Guitars—the world’s leading manufacturer of premium acoustic guitars—Stella Falone utilizes Taylor’s advanced manufacturing tools and resources to produce hardwood cutting boards that reflect Taylor’s legendary quality standards. After our woods are hand-selected for instrument-grade quality and cut for guitars, we transform some of what remains into gorgeous cutting boards, serving tools and other kitchenware products.


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